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About the GMC

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The Greater Milwaukee Committee, founded in 1948, is a private sector civic organization whose mission is to make Milwaukee the best place to live, learn, work, play and stay.

By focusing on the issues of tomorrow, today, our cross-sectoral membership of 200 of Milwaukee's business leaders engages in a variety of programs and initiatives in the areas of innovation and talent, economic prosperity, and vibrancy of place.

Our Mission

The GMC ensures Milwaukee is the best place to live, learn, work, play, and stay.

Our Vision

We envision a Greater Milwaukee that is


Thriving with inclusive economic activity, from innovative start-ups to global industry leaders


Beautiful and filled with culturally relevant and creative spaces reflective of our diverse community


Collaborative and innovative in talent development and education so that all Milwaukee residents experience a great quality of life, from cradle to career

Julia Taylor

Julia Taylor

David Lubar

David Lubar

Led by President Julia Taylor and chair David Lubar (2019-20), the GMC is committed to building on its past success and to making Milwaukee the best community to live, learn, work, and play

"To be antiracist is to think nothing is behaviorally wrong or right -- inferior or superior -- with any of the racial groups. Whenever the antiracist sees individuals behaving positively or negatively, the antiracist sees exactly that: individuals behaving positively or negatively, not representatives of whole races. To be antiracist is to deracialize behavior, to remove the tattooed stereotype from every racialized body. Behavior is something humans do, not races do."
Ibram X. Kendi

Through the development of a Racial Equity Task Force, an in-depth look and update of our own strategy, and GMC member book clubs and educational resources, our organization is committed to becoming one we can call anti-racist.

As we look internally and externally, we begin our journey to build on our existing work and become a model of what an anti-racist and inclusive organization looks like through our membership, staff, programs, and actions.

GMC Staff

Our Staff

Julia Taylor


Melissa Baxter

Director of Resource Development

Elizabeth Cizinsky

Program Manager,
Scale Up Milwaukee

Maggie Dauss

Community Manager,
The Commons

Mallory Davis

Marketing & Business Manager, Scale Up Milwaukee

Samantha Giles

Executive Administrator

Rich Greene

Director of Operations

Michael Hostad

Executive Director,
The Commons

Elmer Moore, Jr.

Executive Director,
Scale Up Milwaukee

Tony Panciera

Project Director,
MKE United

Heather Pechacek

Communications &
Membership Director

Joe Poeschl

Program Director,
The Commons

DeShaun Robinson

Business Coach,
Scale Up Milwaukee

Isabel Sandretti

Program Manager,
The Commons

Haley Weber

Project Coordinator,
MKE United
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Linda Gorens-Levey and Associated Bank were presented the seventh annual Mary Ellen Stanek Award for Diversity in Corporate Governance, exemplifying that diversity builds strong organizations.