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We expected 2020 to be a remarkable year, and while the year did not unfold as anticipated, it was a year like no other. Near the end of 2019, we were planning for Milwaukee's year to shine in front of the nation. We expected the Democratic National Convention, extraordinary community development plans, and various areas of the city unveiling new projects. However, two months into a year whose digits represent seeing clearly, our world was turned upside down.

As our community was impacted by COVID-19, the resulting economic downturn, and a reckoning around racial equity, the GMC quickly reacted to continue supporting equitable communities during these crises. This first ever virtual annual report reflects this remarkable year and the impact all things digital had on our lives. We chose this community and commercial corridor theme as 2020 has proven that equitable communities are the fabric of a strong present and future. This annual report showcases how the GMC responded to the needs of our community through our initiatives: we provided integral resources and support for small businesses, students, homeowners, community members, and the GMC membership at large.

In a year challenged with health and racial justice pandemics, our work feels more important than ever.

As you enter GMC Way and the community it runs through, we invite you to enter each building to experience our work, and how each piece of the community puzzle works together.